Home Acoustic Services

Soundproofing & reducing nuisance noise

Your home should be a peaceful place where you enjoy spending time. Unfortunately, a variety of external factors can often disrupt your personal space. RNS Acoustics provide solutions to reduce nuisance noise and vibration transmittance from exterior and interior sources. Some common examples of nuisance noise would be traffic noise, a nearby live entertainment venue, mechanical equipment (such as HVACs or pumps), and noise emanating from adjacent residents. We will work closely with you to develop solutions for such noise and can also provide architectural modifications and details for installations and modifications.

Home Theater Design

RNS Acoustics offers services to improve your home theater experience. We have helped clients both design a home theater from the ground up, and modify an existing room into a home theater. We can offer solutions from acoustic isolation to improving the audio quality.

Reverberation Control

Many homes are now installing hard floors (such as wood or tile) instead of carpet floor. Unfortunately, this has the unintented side effect of removing the majority of a room’s reverberation control. Reverberation is an acoustical term that describes how long a sound is sustained in a particular space. High reverberation times can reduce audio quality and speech intelligibility, as well as increase the overall noise in a space. RNS Acoustics provide services that can help control reverberation in a way that also preserves that aesthetics of your home.

what you get

RNS Acoustics provides a thorough report detailing what types of treatments are to be used and where, along with 3D renderings so you will be able to see what the treatments actually look like in your space before installation. The report will also include detailed installation instruction for your contractor, and we will be there every step of the way to assist with any questions that may arise. We also work with you and your contractor to ensure all recommendation are implemented properly.