Gold Standard Studio

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The recording studio was having issues isolating their sound booth from their control room. The studio also wished to eliminate a noticeable flutter echo, as well as other acoustical anomalies, occurring during recording and mixing.


Measurements were taken at the location to determine the actual noise transmission levels between the control room and recording booth. Using the measurements and the existing wall’s architectural drawings, the wall was modeled in software and modified. The wall design was adjusted until the desired attenuation was achieved.

To reduce the unwanted echo, impulse response measurements were taken in each room. The recordings were analyzed, and the necessary amount and type of acoustic treatment was calculated based on the measurements. The treatment was tested using advanced acoustical simulation software.

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A detailed report was created to inform the client of all the findings, as well as the recommendations to mitigate the noise. The report includes all data and findings, including the results of the mathematical and computer modeling. If any areas do not meet the requirements set forth by the local municipality, specific recommendations to mitigate the excess noise are provided. Click the PDF link on the left to view an exemple report.