Commercial/ Restaurant Case Study

client: Jiu Jitsu studio



A new Jiu Jitsu studio was being constructed in a shopping center with other tennants directly adjacent to it. Some of the adjacent tennants operated noise sensitive businesses, such as a spa. Existing wall assemblies were insufficient to prevent regular Jiu Jitsu activities (loud impacts, music, etc.) from disrupting the neighboring tennants’ businesses.


The most effective solution was determined to be a modification to the demising walls between the Jiu Jitsu studio and the neighboring tennants. The wall requirements were developed by measuring the leakage noise during Jiu Jitsu activities, and determining the dominant frequency bands. The demising wall was then designed by using computer modeling to determine the best combination of materials to mitigate the noise. The demising wall was designed in such a way that targeted the specific impinging frequencies of the noise, thereby reducing costs and maximizing effectiveness.

Wall Model.PNG


A report was created to inform the client of all the findings, as well as the recommendations to mitigate the noise. Click the image to the left to view the report.