Ordinance Compliance:

Los Angeles County Area

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A new residential construction was proposed in the Los Angeles County area. The proposed construction was within 1000ft of a major highway. The LA County Building Code Manual (BCM) requires any residential constructions within 1000ft of a major highway have a noise study conducted to ensure an interior CNEL of 45dBA or lower.


Measurements were taken at the proposed site to determine the actual local ambient noise. A spectral analysis was conducted on the measurements to determine the frequency content of the noise. The architectural drawings were then analyzed to determine the exterior wall assemblies, and the resulting assemblies were modeled in software to determine their acoustic properties. The simulation results were then compared to the ambient measurements to predict the interior CNEL of each interior living space.



A report was prepared for the client detailing the methods, data and results of the analysis. Design modifications and additional recommendations were included for any assemblies that were not expected to meet the requirements. Click the image to the left to view a sample report.